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Pi Legal Consultancy is a legal & business consulting and international law firm in Turkey.

We have three offices based in İstanbul, Ankara and Batman. We also enjoy solution partners and lawyers located in most European Countries, Africa, Canada and United States of America. We offer legal consultancy and advocacy in key legal areas, among others, international trade, investment, citizenship, healthcare, real estate, corporate governance, banking and finance.

Our firm consists of qualified experts, experienced lawyers and solicitors having very high level of knowledge and skills on legal matters and their cutting-edge solutions.

With our dynamic and multilingual team of lawyers and experts holding advanced degrees and extensive experience in their areas of expertise, we are committed to providing reliable and to-the-point guidance as well as practical solutions in today’s volatile political and economic landscape and fast changing regulatory environment.

Our Practice Areas

In this context, we deliver legal services in key areas, among others, corporate governance, banking and finance, administrative and commercial cases, mergers&acquisitions, energy and mining. You can click “Practice Areas” in order to access all our fields of work.

Pi Legal Consultancy offers a cutting-edge and practical legal solutions to domestic and international companies for anti-dumping measures


Pi Legal Consultancy, delivers reliable advice on various citizenship matters including the acquisition of Turkish citizenship.

Investment Advice

Turkey is becoming a more popular investment area for alien investors. Pi Legal Consultancy delivers strategic investment advice.

International Trade

Pi Legal Consultancy is an international trade law firm, specialized among others in the field of international trade law.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitons lawyer group in the Pi Legal Consultancy offers an effective guidance at every stage of mergers and acquisitions.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

It is significant that there are four main accepted forms of dispute resolution: negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Corporate Governance

Pi Legal Consultancy offers professional support to our commercial enterprises on corporate governance


There are four fundamental partners to be observed within the context of employment law.

Real Estate

Pi Legal Consultancy provides comprehensive legal assistance and consultation for the real estate law firm and its implementation.

International Law Firm in Turkey

Pi Legal Consultancy

Our mission is to offer fully fledged legal services and legal consultancy for all your legal matters. 

Our vision is to combine legal experts specialized in existing and newly emerging legal challenges. 

Our difference is to employ multidisciplinary teams and highly skilled and experienced lawyers and experts with in-depth knowledge of  the most spoken languages including English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian.

Our References

Based on a detailed overview of our client profiles, our service quality, the satisfying nature of our articles and papers together with our marketing and branding efforts, we have been recently chosen by the London-based Prestige Awards Group as the international law firm of 2022/2023.

Currently, we provide legal and business consultancy to leading French, British, Canadian, USA, Israel, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Kuwait companies and Kuwait Ministry of Health.

We have also created a great collaboration with the Embassy and Istanbul Consulate General of Saudi Arabia. 

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