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Contract Law

This article will shed light on the importance of contract law and its application in the field of business operations. Particularly, contract lawyers and law practitioners must understand the essential features of a contract and what a valid contract must contain. The concept of contract and the rights and obligations that are established under the law of contract are at the center of a good governance of large-scale companies.

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What is the meaning of a contract? 

Contracts are the basic building blocks of all business and public arrangements. The present study will explain how contracts work and what contracts imply. “A contract” refers to an agreement between two or more parties by establishing mutual rights and obligations.

What is the potential result of any infringement of a contract? 

Violation of any provision of a contract is subject to legal remedies in accordance with relevant legal framework. Violator side must compensate for all costs including the monetary damages of the other side. The breaching party obligations are generally provided by law of obligations.

What is the contract law? 

Contract Law is a legal field that studies “contracts” and the legal rights and obligations that arise from them.Therefore, contract law implies a legal area dealing with the contractual obligations between parties of the contract concerned. That is to say, signing a contract involves the fulfillment of mutual obligations that are enforceable by law.

What are the main types of contracts?

It is clear that contracts can take many forms. There are numerous types of contracts such as employment contracts, sales contracts, supplier contracts, real estate contracts… Main types and nature of contracts are changeable from country to country. Rather than identifying the forms of contracts, it is more useful to focus on the main legal elements of a contract.

What are essential elements of contracts? 

Taking into account a wide variety of contract types, it may be more useful to observe main legal elements of a contract. If a breach of contract claim is brought before the concerned court, the first question to be considered is whether the contract is legally binding between parties. It is widely accepted that there are three fundamental factors to create a contract:

  • Offer: A promise is given by one party to another regarding a specific action or service in advance.
  • Acceptance: That offer must be accepted by the other party or parties.
  • Mutual Agreement: All parties should agree to the contract based on their own will and without any coercion or threat.

Which contract is forbidden by law? 

Relevant legal mechanisms generally identify the questions of which contract is prohibited. First of all, any legal contract cannot contain any kind of illegal action or commitment. For instance, any contract involving the sale of illegal drugs is not enforceable.

Secondly, if an agreement is made by force, threat, fault or mistake it becomes an unlawful agreement.

What is the role of a contract lawyer? 

At this stage, we should examine why you may need a contract lawyer. A contract lawyer has a great knowledge of contract law. He is specialized in carrying out and concluding negotiations, reaching an agreement, drafting and reviewing the relevant contract.Wording preference has a capacity to change the meaning of any clause in accordance with law. Therefore, a contract lawyer may play a critical role in the preparation, signature, enforcement and termination of a contract.


To sum up, contract law may be regarded as a set of rules governing contractual relationships. This article is intended to highlight the key areas of contract law. Moreover, the identification of responsibilities and the exercise of rights under the relevant contract depends on a full-fledged legal consultation. Signing and enforcing a contract, in cooperation with a contract lawyer will ensure you not not to face unnecessary risk for yourself or your business.

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