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    t is essential to stress at the outset that banking and finance is an essential part of world economy. The basic reason is that banking and finance sector provides the liquidity in terms of money or assets.

    Our Banking & Finance Team is composed of qualified lawyers dedicated their career to financial markets and organizations over the years. In producing fast-paced strategies regarding risk management and investment, Pi Legal Consultancy acts both on behalf of lenders and borrowers at the national and international area. We offer legal assistance to national, commercial or investment banks, private equity firms and other financial institutions for the production of best financial and legal strategies.

    Our assistance contains, inter alia, as follows:

    • Declaration of bankruptcy together with following procedures such as re-organization,
    • Financial restructuring,
    • Loans and credit facilities,
    • Real estate finance,
    • Standards, principles and legal requirements of international financing including Islamic banking.

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