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    Competition law

    Well-designed competition law instruments may play a central role in the promotion of consumer welfare and economic growth. However, it is striking to emphasize that the understanding and implementation of competition law norms is a hard job to do. In this context, turkish competition law regime is quite comlex and confusing.

    Pi Legal Consultancy provides legal assistance in a wide variety of commercial ventures such as mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, abuse of dominant position, horizontal and vertical agreements. Our support also contains, inter alia, distributorship, licensing, franchising, toll manufacturing. We also give additional guidance on the disputes arising from the monitoring work of the Competition Authority. The Authority aims at the prevention of cartelization and monopolization, the increase in consumer welfare, the contribution to the well-functioning of market mechanisms and the improvement of international competition in Turkey. Our lawyers have extensive experience for a genuine representation of our clients before all national judicial institutions including the Council of State.

    Pi Legal Consultancy enjoys a robust team having in depth knowledge of national and international legal framework including European Union competition norms. In this context, we closely observe and advise our clients on the practice of international organizations including the European Court of Justice. Therefore, our competition law specialists give comprehensive assistance and additional legal services to local and multinational clients.


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