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    Financial Restructuring 

    financial restructuring

    Financial restructuring means the process of reorganizing the financial structure based on fresh economical requirements or emerging financial strategies. Such steps should be taken delicately by keeping in mind the concerned legal framework.

    Pi Legal Consultancy has a specialty in core financial restructuring transactions. Our skillful experts offer an effective consultation to, among others, a wide range of sectors on the matter of key financial reactivations including insolvencies. Where there is a need for any application or procedure including a legal action, our proficient lawyers have the capacity to represent our clients very efficiently before all national institutions. PiLC is very successful in overcoming complexities of restructuring and bankruptcy cases involving extensive knowledge and problem-solving ability. Namely, we offer full-fledged support to a broad range of industries and individuals. Our intention is not only to maximize economic benefits, but also resolve any legal disputes properly.

    Our many decades of restructuring and bankruptcy experience covers, inter alia, as follows:

    • Debt restructuring including secured or unsecured long-term borrowings
    • Equity restructuring including the reorganization of the equity capital,
    • Debtor and creditor-related disputes,
    • Proceedings, investigations and litigation for bankruptcy and/or insolvency,
    • Taxation issues.

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