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    The term of “Financial Technology (FinTech)” is used to refer to integration of technology into the exchange of goods and services. FinTech, dedicated to the development of faster and better delivery of financial services,  is very different in many ways from traditional financial services. Usage of FinTech presents a broad range of challenges especially where it touches on the use of crypto-currencies such as bitcoin.  The invention of digital money and digital payment services platforms, have newly caused severe problems in capital markets.

    Innovative approach needs to be improved in order to handle current legal challenges regarding FinTech. Pi Legal Consultancy provides comprehensive guidance to global digital leaders, companies, business owners and consumers. Our guidance focuses on understanding and using specialized software instruments through computers and smartphones.

    We assist our clients particularly in the following areas of expertise:

    • Electronic money (e-money) and cryptocurrencies, digital foreign exchange platforms,
    • Digital (participation) banking, electronic payment or loan services,
    • Data protection and privacy, information security,
    • The prevention of cybercrimes,
    • Electronic commerce and online shopping,
    • The protection of the right to copyright and intellectual property.


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