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    Every Information Technology (IT) lawyer should keep in mind that IT sector causes several complex disputes over the world. In this context, IT Law, provides a comprehensive legal framework for the collection, storage and dissemination of electronic information in the global marketplace. Individuals and companies should be very careful while maximizing their economic benefit through IT. Indeed, it should be born in mind that a simple usage of IT may easily turn into a criminal activity in accordance with IT Law.

    Our legal assistance, therefore, includes both sides of the same coin, from one side in the economic development of our client; on the other side in full legality of their actions through ITs. In the light of the aforementioned obligations, our experienced IT lawyers offer a cutting-edge and pragmatic consultancy to our clients in this delicate field including;

    • The copyright and data protection together with their violation in the digital environment,
    • The governance of digital content and intellectual property,
    • E-commerce and its legal requirements,
    • The right to privacy and its infringement by means of information technologies,
    • Data Transfer Impact Assessment of Turkey,
    • Obligations of data controller or data processor such as the provision of explicit consent, the obligation to inform and to register.

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