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    Any inheritance lawyer must evaluate both sides of the same coin.

    Indeed, it is interesting that the acceptance of an inheritance may not be always desirable particularly where the inheritance also brings accumulative debts. Accordingly, inheritance law has very strict and binding provisions. The main aim of such norms govern rights from one side and responsibilities on the other for successors. Thus, disputes arising from inheritance are complex and always take a long time for a settlement.

    Our inheritance lawyers advise clients on different issues ranging from will and estate planning to complicated questions of domestic inheritance legal framework. Professional assistance is also offered to people based outside of Turkey. These clients are generally interested in the proper management of their heirs and estate planning. Our skilled law specialists have a capacity to provide a comprehensive guidance for the legal requirements concerned at every single stage of inheritance.

    Our consultation may extend to a wide variety of legal matters as follows:

    • Gaining or cancelling a certificate of inheritance,
    • Compulsory share of inheritance ,
    • Exheredation of inheritance,
    • Management of heirs and will,
    • Inheritance contracts and cases for their cancellation,
    • Foreigners’ right of inheritance.

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