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    Every real estate law firm works hard in order to handle very complex cases in this area. Real estate law is the division of law that regulates buying, using and selling land and other properties. It is significant to understand that issues related to real estate are relevant to various branches of law, such as tax law, inheritance law, citizenship law and administrative law. Disputes arising from real estate are, therefore, complicated and always take a long time for a settlement. Thus, real estate matters need always on-the-ground advice and support in all legal stages.

    Pi Legal Consultancy plays a decisive role in overcoming complex cases and processes owing to its qualified attorneys and experts. Our expertise areas include a wide variety of subjects including;

    • Taxation issues,
    • Environmental law and relevant obligations,
    • The development, planning and realization of real estate investment projects,
    • The preparation and signature of lease agreements,
    • Home purchase in a foreign country including the USA and its potential outcomes for residence permit,
    • The acquisition of Turkish citizenship by investment.

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