Banking and Finance

banking and finance

Banking and Finance necessitates a speciality in a wide variety of matters including secure transaction methods, financial technologies, the right to data privacy, the prevention of cybercrimes. Thus, banking and finance are strictly regulated by lawmakers in Turkey.

Banking and Finance Law in Turkey

It is undisputed that Banking Law (Numbered 5411) has been at the heart of banking and finance in Turkey. Article 1 sets forth the main objective of the said Law. Its main purpose is ‘to regulate the principles and procedures of ensuring confidence and stability in financial markets, the efficient functioning of the credit system and the protection of the rights and interests of depositors’. Especially Part VII regulates key legal obligations on bankers including confidentiality, protection of reputation, ethical principles, customer rights.

Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency has central mandates to ensure the compliance of the banking system in line with the Banking Law applicable in Turkey.  Under Article 93 of the Banking Law, the Agency is granted certain powers for the implementation of the Banking Law. First part of the Article in question reads as follows:  ‘To regulate, enforce and ensure the implementation of the establishment, activities, management and organizational structure, merger, disintegration, change of shares and liquidation of banks and financial holding companies and with the reservation of the provisions of other laws and the related regulation, financial leasing, factoring and consumer financing companies, and monitor and supervise enforcement of such’.

Banking and  Finance Consultancy at Pi Legal  is composed of qualified banking and finance lawyers dedicated their career to financial markets and organizations over the years. We provide legal guidance to lenders and borrowers on a wide range of finance areas. In producing fast-paced strategies regarding risk management and investment, Pi Legal Consultancy acts both on behalf of lenders and borrowers at the national and international area. We offer legal assistance to national, commercial or investment banks, private equity firms and other financial institutions for the production of best financial and legal strategies.

Our assistance contains, inter alia, as follows:

  • declaration of bankruptcy together with following procedures such as re-organization,
  • financial restructuring,
  • loans and credit facilities,
  • real estate finance,
  • standards, principles and legal requirements of international financing including Islamic banking.

Banking and Finance Consultancy in Turkey

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