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A comprehensive legal assistance by compensation lawyer is seen necessary for compensation procedures. The main reason is that compensation is considered as a very complex area of law in Turkey. Compensation may be divided into two main categories: compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages. Nevertheless, we need to evaluate more questions for the better clarification of compensation law in Turkey.

What Is Compensation Law?

The term compensation is the provision for the loss arising from a transaction or action of a real person, legal entities, government/or government agencies. Compensation means a form of payment or remuneration for work, services and|or harm suffered. When it comes to the term “compensation law”, it means the calculation of such damage and its payment by the person or relevant institution who caused the damage in question.

What Is the Meaning of Compensation Case?

Compensation cases involve the evaluation and observation of various legal requirements provided by sub-branches of law including labor law, law of obligations, commercial law, criminal law, and -where the damage is caused by an administrative act or action-, administrative law. Therefore, the legal application for compensation before relevant authorities, including judicial institutions, is really complex and a hard job.

Can You Sue Doctors for Compensation in Turkey?

You can sue any healthcare providers including doctors in Turkey for their malpractice treatments. For instance, when any false treatment takes place under the umbrella of a hospital, the victim can lodge an application before the judicial authorities. This should be a compensation case. Doctors, nurses, surgeons, physicians, psychiatrists, dentists or allied health workers may be regarded as “accused” or “suspected” in a criminal case. But it is very critical to be aware that victims have a right to bring a compensation action before judicial justice, too.

Can You Sue a Company for a Compensation in Turkey?

You can sue a company for a compensation particularly within the field of employment law. Under Labour Act (Numbered 4857), the termination of employment contracts without a reasonable ground may require a compensation.Under the Act on International Private and Procedure Law (Numbered 5718), employment contracts with foreign elements are subject to law designated by parties.

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In terms of criminal procedures, any case may be coupled with a follow-up procedure for compensation. For more information about identification of the significance of legal guidance by criminal defense lawyers at the time of any criminal investigation or prosecution, see our article on “Criminal Cases in Turkey”.

How Do You Give Power of Attorney to Any Compensation Lawyer in Turkey?

You have to give an authority to compensation lawyers to represent you before relevant Turkish authorities. The power of attorney must be issued at any Turkish notary to give this authority to any compensation lawyer. A sworn translator is necessary for non-Turkish speakers during the process.

What Is the Role of Pi Legal Consultancy Compensation Lawyers?

Pi Legal Consultancy compensation lawyers provide comprehensive guidance to international and domestic clients for the proper administration of compensation proceedings at every single stage. Consultation by our İstanbul compensation lawyers and dispute resolution and litigation lawyers in Ankara may extend to a wide variety of legal matters, particularly following areas:

  • Compensation disputes due to the lack of support,
  • Lawsuits for the loss resulting from administrative actions,
  • Compensation cases due to occupational accidents,
  • Strict liability regime in the law of obligations,
  • Medical malpractice litigation,
  • Compensation lawsuits from criminal law.

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