Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Consultancy

Corporate governance consultancy plays a critical role in increasing efficiency of companies in Turkey. Turkey hosts numerous foreign or national companies within its own jurisdiction. Accounting, auditing and all related activities can be managed properly and effectively according to international standards for corporate governance.

What is Corporate Governance System in Turkey?

Corporate governance implies rules, practices, and processes aiming at proper management of a company. Generally speaking, board of directors are responsible for corporate governance activities for a company including structuring senior management, auditing and conducting general assembly and|or board of directors’ meetings according to international standards and national principles.

What Are the 4 Principles for Corporate Governance?

There is a global recognition that corporate management concerned must perform their duties in compliance with 4 principles:

  • Transparency,
  • Fairness,
  • Responsibility,
  • Accountability.

What is Corporate Governance Advisory?

An efficient corporate governance advisory must address a set of policies and work including,

  • Policies for employing senior executives,
  •  Company oversight activities to ensure full alignment with regulations and international standards,
  • Embracing strategies for investment and risk management with regard to company formation and type change,

Corporate Governance Consultancy covers all services obtaining assistance for the initialization of the relevant company.  The introduction of full enforcement of international standards for auditing, accounting and supervising of company management is a significant part of corporate governance consultancy. Transparency and accountability are another important aspect for the managerial team.

What Are Main Legal Frameworks Governing the Corporate Governance in Turkey?

Commercial life has broadly changed over the years. That is the case for such rules and practices particularly because of the recent economic downturn over the world. Regarding newly emerging commercial necessities, the Turkish corporate law regime establishes a comprehensive legal framework for natural and legal persons and|or corporations. Turkish Commercial Code (Numbered 6102) and Capital Markets Law (Numbered 6362) have been at the heart of corporate governance practice in Turkey.

What Are Corporate Governance Services by Pi Legal Consultancy?

Pi Legal Consultancy business lawyers offer professional support to our commercial enterprises on understanding and absorbing main obligations and rights provided by relevant regulations.

Core principles of good governance particularly for large corporations require an innovative approach. Such approach may only be developed by professional legal experts. Our corporate governance lawyers can give comprehensive guidance on those matters.

We also offer effective support to foreign clients based outside of Turkey for an efficient organization of their operations and the enhancement of their competitive strength in Turkey.

What Does a Corporate Governance Consultant Do for Pi Legal Consultancy?

Our corporate governance consultancy service extends to, inter alia, as follows:

  • Exercise of voting rights and decision-making majority,
  • Arrangement of board of directors’ meetings and ordinary or extraordinary general assembly,
  • Management of capital increases or decreases and good governance of structural changes,
  • Standards for legal or criminal liability of founders, members, managers and liquidators of any company,
  • Establishment of a company in Turkey,
  • Incorporation of liaison office,
  • Formation of branch office,
  • Mergers and acquisitions of commercial firms; audit of such transactions,
  • Taxation issues and taking legal actions if necessary,
  • legal procedures for core corporate governance issues including the establishment of a company and the institution of a branch in Turkey,
  • contracts for mergers and acquisitions, franchising, agency, trademark and trademark licencing.


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