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dispute resolution consultancy

Dispute resolution consultancy requires an innovative and comprehensive strategy for each case. Overall, there are a wide variety of methods for conflict resolution at the domestic or international level. Dispute settlement lawyers have a substantial impact upon concluding disputes between parties. Dispute resolution lawyers have been at the center of providing best results for their clients. It has been already established that dispute resolution consultancy is very essential to provide a chance of success.

What are the 4 types of dispute resolution in Turkey? 

 It is significant at the outset that there are four main accepted forms of conflict resolution: negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Firstly, negotiation brings partners together with a view to solving the relevant dispute on their own.

Second popular dispute resolution tool is mediation. Indeed, mediation requires the existence of a neutral third-party assuming responsibility to help disputants for a consensus. It is noteworthy to stress here that Turkey adopted the Law (No:7282) approving the ratification of the Singapore Convention on Mediation, published in the Official Gazette on 11 March 2021.

Official Gazette concerning the Law in question is available online here.

Thirdly, natural or legal persons are also free to choose the best dispute settlement process by selecting arbitration. Last but not least, litigation may be used to finalize any conflict complained of by the judicial authorities.

What is the meaning of dispute resolution for 2023 in Turkey?

It is not hard to maintain that the most commonly used method for dispute settlement is litigation in Turkey. Huge backlog before court rooms has already establishes this argument. Increasing number for civil and administrative litigation has been a matter of concern over the years in Turkey. Dispute resolution through arbitration agreements and|or dispute resolution arbitration is newly improving in Turkey. There is much work needs to be done for alternative dispute resolution methods. Building dispute resolution owing to the alternative ways such as consumer dispute resolution may be found very workable and reasonable solution to all parties of a dispute.

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What is the most common dispute resolution?

Litigation has still been considered as the most workable solution in Turkey. Therefore, there is an increasing workload before civil and administrative courts in Turkey. Therefore, dispute resolution consultancy needs to more concentrate on other methods for faster solutions.

What is the role of Pi Legal Consultancy for dispute resolution consultancy? 

Every dispute resolution consultancy needs a careful process for an end-to-end analysis of the current situation and chance of success. Our Dispute Resolution Consultancy Working Group offers legal guidance for all the aforementioned dispute settlement methods as a dispute resolution. Thanks to qualified English speaking lawyers, Pi Legal Consultancy offers Istanbul dispute resolution and Ankara dispute resolution services to foreigners for their negotiations and|or trial processes.  Pi Legal Consultancy represents one of the top international law firms in Ankara by presenting a convincing legal argument with a view to increasing the chance of success for each case.  Our dispute resolution attorneys in Ankara and litigation lawyers in İstanbul are specialized in settling the relevant dispute on behalf of our clients.

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