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Employment lawyers in Turkey face up several challenges in the practice of employment law. There have been several discussions in the protection and promotion of rights of employees and employers together.

Which law regulates working life in Turkey?

Law on Occupational Health and Safety (Numbered 6331) is the primary legislation in Turkey. The Law entered into force in 2012. The Law on Occupational Health and Safety was prepared as a conducive work for Turkey’s EU accession process. Employment lawyers in Turkey are specialized in this legislation and related regulations.

What are the labor rights in Turkey?

National employment legal norms aim at designing the relationship between governments and employers or employees. Every single side has a broad range of rights and/or responsibilities, based on an “employment contract”, introducing working conditions, working hours, duration, wage, holiday entitlement and termination. Besides, trade unions have a fundamental impact in the development of employment law and its practice.

There are four fundamental partners to be observed within the context of employment law: employers, employees, trade unions and international organizations such as International Labor Organization (ILO).

What are international labour standards?

ILO is devoted to the facilitation of labor standards and the promotion of decent working conditions for all women and men on the global level.

What is the labor law in Turkey for foreigners?

You can work as a foreign freelancer or as a worker for a foreign company.  Nevertheless, a full-fledged legal assistance by international employment lawyers is very significant. Foreign workers should provide a legal stay in Turkey through the acquisition of Turkish citizenship or residence permit or work permit.

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According to Article 6 of the Law on International Workforce (No:6735), ‘foreigners who are within the scope of this Law are forbidden to work or be employed without obtaining a work permit’. Hence, foreign workers need to provide a work permit from the relevant Turkish authorities. There is only one exception of this norm under the same provision. Foreigners having an exemption from work permit under national or international instruments.

The Law on International Workforce (No:6735) is available online here (in Turkish).

Work Permit and Residence Permit Are the Same Thing?

Under Article 12 of  the Law on Foreigners and International Protection Law (No:6458), “work permit” or “work permit exemption” granted under this Law shall be deemed as “residence permit”. Accordingly, a work permit implies a residence permit owing to this approach.

The Law in question is available online here (in Turkish).

What is the role of employments lawyers in Turkey?

Employment lawyers in Turkey carry out significant duties by providing employment law consultation to all partners. Employment lawyers in Turkey can assist you in a wide range of matters within the context of Employment Law.

What is the role of employment lawyers in Turkey at Pi Legal Consultancy?

In the light of the work of international organizations including the ILO, Pi Legal Consultancy Istanbul employment lawyers and Ankara employment lawyers offer practical and cutting-edge solutions to trade unions, employers and employees for their legal challenges. The best employment lawyers in Turkey share their experience under the framework of Pi Legal Consultancy particularly for, among others:

  • Drafting, negotiation and signature of collective bargaining agreements,
  • Termination and release agreements,
  • Immigration-related issues including residence and work permit,
  • The implementation of leading international instruments including European Convention on Human Rights regarding the prohibition of discrimination,
  • The challenges of working from home,
  • The application for digital nomad visa to Foreign Embassies and Consulates Generals located in Turkey,
  • The appeal application against rejection decision on digital nomad visa applications,
  • Rights of remote workers,

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