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Any medical lawyer Turkey must be good at finding the best solution for specific healthcare cases. What is more, a medical lawyer Turkey provides healthcare consultation in the field of healthcare business. Healthcare issues represent one of the challenging areas of law particularly for medical lawyers in Turkey.


Medical lawyers in Turkey are specialized in settling complicated disputes for individuals and opening a path for investors about healthcare sector.

What is the meaning of “medical malpractice”?

The term malpractice has been one of the most challenging issues for every single medical lawyer in Turkey. Medical Law contains binding rules and standards aiming at protecting the rights and responsibilities of medical staff and customers.

Can you sue doctors in Turkey by help of a medical lawyer Turkey?

Yes you can sue doctors causing a medical malpractice in Turkey. Domestic legal framework contains leading rules that structure what relevant companies should do, and what they may not do for the safety of pharmaceutical drugs and their usage. As for the Health Law, it contains binding rules that govern the rights and responsibilities of medical staff, health workers, medical companies and the people using medical facilities and services.

How do I sue a dentist in Turkey?

Not only civil liability but also criminal liability may be applicable to all healthcare providers for their false treatment, diagnosis or medical intervention. That is the case for dentists as well.

The Law Numbered 1219 provides very basic norms within the context of healthcare. Additionally, a new legislation on Health Services Law (Numbered 3359) entered into force in 1987. 

For more information about such malpractice , see our article on Medical Malpractice Cases in Turkey.

Can I get compensation for surgery not done properly in Turkey?

In general, where malpractice action takes place under the umbrella of a state hospital or a hospital belonging to the public, the victim can lodge an application before the administrative justice. In that case, malpractice is regarded as constituting a “service fault”. Nonetheless if malpractice results from an action of a private person or entity, the relevant person may be issued before judicial justice. In this situation, malpractice means an “individual fault”.  Doctors, nurses, surgeons, physicians, psychiatrists, dentists or allied health workers may be regarded as “accused” or “suspected” in a criminal case. But it is very critical to be aware that victims have a right to bring a compensation action before judicial justice, too.

Laws regulating healthcare system need an extensive consultation for every single stage of the concerned legal process. Pi Legal Consultancy, therefore, provides effective legal assistance in all relevant branches such as;

  • Licencing and permission process for pharmaceutical companies,
  • Clinical research and its legal borders,
  • Medical device quality management systems,
  • Patents and trademarks of drugs and medical supplies,
  • Establishment and licencing of testing evaluation centers and laboratories under relevant Regulations,
  • Responsibilities and rights of health personnel, clinical researchers and pharmacists,
  • Medical liability of healthcare providers for malpractice.

What are successful works by medical lawyer working group in Turkey?

Pi Legal Consultancy family is very pleased to start to deliver a legal consultation to the Ministry of Health and the Al-Salam International Hospital, the biggest hospital of Kuwait. We gave our first presentation on the Medical Liability System in Turkey to the Kuwait delegation on the below-mentioned titles on Friday, January 13, 2023.

Presentation on  Medical Liability System in Turkey to the Ministry of Health of Kuwait and Al-Asam International Hospital 


Pi Legal Consultancy medical lawyers in Turkey are also thrilled to start a comprehensive legal consultation service to Igenomix, based in Dubai and a part of VitroLife Group, about the health care legal system of Turkey.


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