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International lawyer Turkey is very good at properly managing international trade for domestic and international clients. International lawyer Turkey provide important assistance to cross-border clients about their legal needs.


There is a growing recognition that Turkey is found a business-friendly country with a growing economy and a young workforce. Turkey achieves to attract sustainable foreign direct investments.

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International lawyer Turkey is very good at properly managing international trade for domestic and international clients.

What is the meaning of international trade?

International trade is used to refer to the exchange goods or services between at least two countries. Carrying out trade at the international level is beyond simple without a comprehensive assistance by any international lawyer Turkey. International trade requires business engagements, transactions as well as cases for different jurisdictions.

What are two types of international trade?

There are two core types of international trade,

  • importation
  • exportation

Importation means to bring involved foreign products and services into Turkey. Exportation means to ship products concerned to other countries. There is no doubt that international trade plays an indispensable role in exchanging goods and services beyond national borders.

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It is notable that Article 3 of the Foreign Direct Investment Law provides that foreign investors shall be subject to equal treatment with domestic investors.

What is the role of international lawyer turkey for international trade?

Understanding and implementation of international trade instruments is a hard job to do for any investors. Despite its fundamental impact on the establishment of more competitive markets, international trade rates have been a matter of concern to many countries because of the fact that such transactions may put a high pressure on domestic products. An international lawyer Turkey can ensure an embracing advice and workable representation to individuals, organizations and even public or private national| international authorities.

What is the function of Pi Legal Consultancy International Lawyer Turkey Team?

Our approach is based on evaluating both sides of the same coin; namely, from one side, the protection of national goods and services and the facilitation of economic interest and profit, to the other. Every single international lawyer turkey has a part of an experienced international trade team specialized in the field of international commercial transactions and related legal regimes and their practice. High standards and binding norms produced by the legal framework of the European Union are closely followed by PiLC in order to advise efficiently our clients on recent developments.

Our practice addresses the key issues facing every international trade law firm, among others:

  • The preparation, draft and negotiation of franchising, distributorship and agency agreements,
  • The implementation of the United Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation (the Singapore Convention on Mediation),
  • Anti-corruption, anti-bribery, trade sanctions,
  • Tax liabilities including customs duties,
  • Tax agreements for avoiding double taxation,
  • The incorporation of liaison or branch offices in Turkey,
  • Customs Clearances,
  • Mergers and acquisition transactions,

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