turkish business lawyer

Turkish Business Lawyer

This article seeks to examine the particular role of Turkish Business Lawyers in Turkey. Turkey is surrounded on three sides by the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea. Therefore, our country is based on a critical geography. It connects three continents including Africa, Asia and Europe. There is a growing interest of foreign entrepreneurs in making investments.

What is the meaning of Turkish Business Lawyer in Turkey?

Law and its application necessitates a great deal of knowledge about the legal framework  in every single country. Every single investment project needs an embracing analysis of applicable Turkish norms. Commercial activities such as company formations, opening a branch, mergers and acquisitions, franchising system must be managed through an efficient legal guidance by foreign investors. Turkish business lawyers provide in-depth services to large, middle or small scale of corporations and|or individuals for their upcoming investment activities.

What is the role of Turkish Business Lawyers for the recent achievements of Pi Legal Consultancy?

Pi Legal Consultancy is a legal consulting and business consulting international law firm in Turkey. Pi Legal Consultancy working groups aim at setting up a wide network inside and outside Turkey. Currently, Pi Legal Consultancy enjoys solution partners and lawyers based in most European and African countries as well as Canada and the United States. Additionally we have three offices based in İstanbul, Ankara and Batman. It necessarily means that Pi Legal Consultancy has a robust network around the globe. Based on a detailed overview of our client profiles, our service quality, satisfying nature of our articles and papers together with our marketing and branding efforts, we have been recently chosen by the London-based Prestige Awards Group as the international law firm of 2022/2023. Currently, we provide legal and business consultancy to leading French, British, Norway, USA, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Israel, Canadian and Kuwait companies and the Ministry of Health of Kuwait. We have also created a great collaboration with the Embassy and Istanbul Consulate General of Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. Pi Legal Consultancy also offers legal guidance to numerous foreigners living or working within the jurisdiction of Turkey. On one hand, Turkish Business Lawyers in Ankara are of utmost importance in meeting the growing interest of particularly individual foreigners. On the other hand, Turkish Business Lawyers in Istanbul are of great importance in offering detailed services to foreign corporations for their investment activities in Turkey.


Pi Legal Consultancy is very pleased to provide a comprehensive business consultancy to foreigners. Qualified commercial lawyers in Ankara and qualified commercial lawyers in Istanbul undertake paramount duties under the umbrella of Pi Legal Consultancy. They provide legal and business consulting to citizens of foreign countries.