turkish immigration lawyer

Turkish Immigration Lawyer

This article is intended to make observations about the importance of legal assistance by Turkish Immigration Lawyers in Turkey. There has been a growing number of foreigners over the years. Turkish Statistical Institute numbers confirm this momentum.

          *Turkish Statistical Institute Numbers

turkish statistical institute numbers
turkish statistical institute numbers


What is the meaning of Immigration Lawyer in Turkey?

A Turkish citizen enjoys fundamental rights directly granted by the law in Turkey. That is not the case for foreigners. Even, among others, the matter of residence can turn into a complex dispute beyond national borders by presenting a challenge between nations rather than individuals. Therefore, right and timely steps should be taken for inter alia, the acquisition of residency, citizenship, international protection and similar opportunities. Generally speaking, an immigration lawyer specializes in helping guide foreigners through their immigration processes.


What is the role of English Speaking Lawyers for the recent achievements of Pi Legal Consultancy?

Pi Legal Consultancy working groups are intended to establish a wide network inside and outside Turkey. Currently, Pi Legal Consultancy enjoys solution partners and lawyers based in most European and African countries as well as Canada and the United States. It necessarily means that Pi Legal Consultancy has a robust network around the globe. Based on a detailed overview of our client profiles, our service quality, satisfying nature of our articles and papers together with our marketing and branding efforts, we have been recently chosen by the London-based Prestige Awards Group as the international law firm of 2022/2023. Currently, we provide legal and business consultancy to leading French, British, Norway, USA, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Israel, Canadian and Kuwait companies and the Ministry of Health of Kuwait. We have also created a great collaboration with the Embassy and Istanbul Consulate General of Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

Pi Legal Consultancy also offers legal guidance to numerous foreigners living or working within the jurisdiction of Turkey. On one hand, English speaking immigration lawyers in Ankara play a critical role in meeting the requests of individual foreigners. On the other hand, English speaking investment lawyers in Istanbul are of great importance in carrying out detailed services to foreign corporations for their investment projects in Turkey. Turkish immigration lawyers offer an end-to-end analysis of the most challenging immigration issues.


Immigration law represents one of the most complicated branches of law in Turkey. Key immigration norms are fragmented in different regulations. Additionally, standards and principles produced by the Turkish courts are changeable. English speaking Turkish immigration lawyers bring foreigners insightful updates and thought-provoking analyses of their underlying immigration problems from the internationally and nationally recognized standards.