Security Risk Assessment

security risk assesment

Every security risk assessment expert primarily aims at protecting investments over the world. Thus, the lack of security has been a significant concern for many business owners. The security threat assessment has been even more critical, especially in regions and countries with political instability, lack of the rule of law, and insufficient critical infrastructure. Even more, conflict-affected states may not offer a “safe haven” for large-scale investments. So, a region or country’s “security status” plays a decisive role in international traders or individuals, particularly banking and finance, international trade, mergers&acquisitions, energy and mining, real estate, corporate governance, citizenship, and inheritance.

Pi Legal Consultancy offers a wide range of cutting-edge and strategic advice to national or multinational traders seeking to make an investment in different regions or states over the world. Dr. Hasan Arslan, an associate professor of criminal justice of Justice and Law Administration at Western Connecticut State University (Connecticut/USA), is the lead security specialist who analyzes regional and local threat assessment for our clients and their investments worldwide.

Our professional team is intended to observe enterprise risk exposure and potential vulnerabilities in relevant countries for executives and staff or offices and facilities of investors. In this context, Pi Legal Consultancy is ready to share our extensive experience not only with domestic but also with international clients.

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