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Real estate lawyers in Turkey are capable of coping with complex matters with regard to the property management. The acquisition of a title deed process is far beyond simple in Turkey.


Istanbul, as one of the largest cities in Turkey, has been at the centre of investment strategies for Turkish and foreign investors. Investing in real estate is governed by complicated norms in Turkey. Real estate lawyers in Turkey, thus, carry out an essential role in the ownership of a title deed and all necessary steps for the property. 

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Is Turkey good for business?

There is a growing recognition that Turkey is becoming a more popular investment area for all investors. Turkey offers a business-oriented environment together with low employment and facility costs. Additionally, large-scale Turkish companies are interested in growing their business and extending their investments inside or outside the country. Investment advice by investment lawyer in Istanbul and investment lawyer in Ankara play crucial role in growing businesses of foreign and domestic investors.

Is buying a property in Turkey a good investment?

Property purchase may be used for a wide variety of objectives. Buying a property may provide a golden gate for Turkish citizenship, residency or another method of legal stay in Turkey. Turkey is strategically located at the crossroads of the Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. Thus, Turkey is also regarded as one of the most promising real estate markets across the world.

What is the best place to buy property through assistance of real estate lawyers in Turkey?

Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir are seen the safest and the most peaceful cities to live and work in Turkey. Besides Ankara, as the capital of Turkey, has a very strategic location by hosting all national institutions, foreign Embassies and eminent large-scale companies.

Do you need real estate lawyers in Turkey to buy a house?

You do not have to benefit from any real estate consultancy from real estate lawyers in Turkey. Nevertheless, taking into account that you will have to spend a lot of expenses for a real estate, an end-to-end legal guidance is needed for the whole process. Particularly due diligence of the property and checking clearances represent necessary preventive steps in processing meticulously.

How much do real estate lawyers in Turkey charge per hour in Turkey?

Bar Association has a full authority to decide on lawyer fee in Turkey. However, lawyers may ask more price quote for challenging areas of work. 

What is the meaning of real estate law in Turkey?

Real estate law is the division of law that regulates buying, using and selling land and other properties. It is significant to understand that issues related to real estate are relevant to various branches of law, such as tax law, inheritance law, citizenship law and administrative law. Disputes arising from real estate are, therefore, complicated and always take a long time for a settlement. Thus, real estate matters need always on-the-ground advice and support in all legal stages.

Can you get Turkish citizenship by buying a house?

Yes you can obtain Turkish citizenship through a property purchase. In that context, buying a house may open a golden gate for Turkish citizenship for foreigners or long-term residency in Turkey.

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What is the significance of real estate lawyers in Turkey?

Real estate lawyers work hard in order to handle very complex cases in this area. They take preventive role in checking due diligence and property clearances in advance. Real estate lawyers in Turkey also prepare sale contracts for the properties and help foreigners to apply for residency or Turkish citizenship through property purchase.

What is the role of Pi Legal Consultancy real estate lawyers in Turkey?

Our real estate lawyers in Turkey play a decisive role in overcoming complex cases and processes owing to its qualified attorneys and experts. Our expertise areas include a wide variety of subjects including;

  • Taxation issues,
  • Environmental law and relevant obligations,
  • The development, planning and realization of real estate investment projects,
  • The preparation and signature of lease agreements,
  • Home purchase in a foreign country including the USA and its potential outcomes for residence permit,
  • The acquisition of Turkish citizenship by investment,
  • The acquisition of residence by property purchase,
  • Checking clearances,
  • Providing due diligence.

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