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Investment Advice can be properly offered by investment lawyer in Istanbul with regard to investing in İstanbul. Investment advice is needed for every single long-term investment project in Turkey. Indeed, expert advice of an investment lawyer in Istanbul can have an enormous impact duly planning the scope of any investment project.

Is Turkey good for business?

Taking into account the strengthening rates of foreign currencies including Euro and Dollars, Turkey is becoming a more popular investment area for alien investors. Turkish markets offer a business-oriented environment together with low employment and facility costs.  Besides, several Turkish companies are interested in growing their business and extending their investments inside or outside the country. Investment advice by investment lawyer in Istanbul and investment lawyer in Ankara play crucial role in growing businesses of foreign and domestic investors.

Is it a good idea to invest in İstanbul?

There has been a growing acceptance that Turkey is getting more capable of attracting more investment day by day. Investing in Istanbul may pave the way for ensuring an efficient solution for foreign investors. At the outset we should bear in mind the main rationale behind this opinion.

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Why do you need investment advice 2024 in Turkey?

It is necessary to mention several advantages of setting up a business in Turkey.  Rapidly increasing young population, growing value of currency rates and thus decreasing production and labor costs have a substantial impact upon strengthening the business sector.

Turkey has been located in very special territory connecting three continents, economic regions and numerous people. Turkey offers a cost-effective environment to entrepreneurs. Besides, several Turkish companies are interested in growing their business and extending their investments inside or outside the country. Turkish markets offer a business-oriented environment together with low employment and facility costs. An embracing investment advice 2024 can be very useful to maximize all aforementioned advantages. Turkish investment lawyers can be very helpful to improve a proper investment plan in Istanbul.

What does an investment lawyer in Istanbul do?

Investment lawyers in Istanbul of Pi Legal Consultancy provide comprehensive guidance and strategic investment advice to both foreign investors for Turkish markets and Turkish investors for international markets. Current and upcoming investment opportunities is primary focus of our Investment Working Group. Real estate investment lawyers and foreign investment lawyers open the gates for a safe investment.

Why is Turkey attractive for Foreign Direct Investments?

In the light of the aforementioned observations, it is beyond hard to conclude that Turkey attracts and will attract the foreign direct investments around the globe. Suffice to note that since the 2000s, total capital stock of Turkey has risen gradually. Turkey also hosts a large number of people from different parts of the world. Turkey is becoming a more popular investment area for foreign investors.

The investment incentive regime in Turkey covers a wide range of incentives for legal and natural entities engaging in different sectors.

What is the law of investment?

In general, law of investment is used to refer to the law-centric standards, principles and rules for foreign or domestic investments. In Turkey there are several regulations governing the law of investment. Without a legal guidance of an investment lawyer in Istanbul, it becomes quite hard to benefit from advantages and to avoid risky sides of investing Istanbul or any other cities of Turkey.

Do foreign investors have the same rights as Turkish Citizens?

Article 48 of the Turkish Constitution provides that everyone has the freedom to work and conclude contracts in the field of his/her choice and the establishment of private enterprises is free. More importantly, according to Article 10 protecting the right to equality, there shall not be any limitations for foreign entrepreneurs in Turkey.

What is the standard of protection in international investment law?

In connection with Article 48 of the Turkish Constitution, Article 3 of the Foreign Direct Investment Law regulates that foreign investors shall be subject to equal treatment with domestic investors.

Can I get Turkish citizenship by investment?

You can obtain Turkish citizenship by real estate investment. The main condition is to hold the ownership of the involved property for at least 3 years. Moreover, the involved purchase should be examined and confirmed by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change. After the completion of the land registry procedures, foreigners are granted the acquisition of Turkish citizenship by real estate.

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What kind of investment advice 2024 can be offered by any investment lawyer in Istanbul?

There is a global recognition that every single investment project needs comprehensive legal guidance about enforceable domestic and international norms. Therefore Turkish and|or foreign investors prefer to benefit from international law firms in Turkey. A full-fledged legal guide to investing in Turkey is required for a right and workable investment solution.

Commercial activities such as establishment of companies, opening a company branchmergers and acquisitionsfranchising and intermediaries must be managed through an efficient legal guidance by foreign investors.

What is the role of Pi Legal Consultancy Working Group of investment lawyer in Istanbul?

Our Turkish business lawyers are very good at providing in-depth services to large, middle or small scale of corporations and|or individuals for legal advice in investing to Istanbul. Our investment lawyers İstanbul and commercial lawyers Ankara offer workable guidance and strategic investment advice to both foreign investors for Turkish markets or Turkish investors for international markets. English-speaking lawyers are mostly preferred by international investors and large scale corporations under the umbrella of Pi Legal Consultancy. In this context, Pi Legal Consultancy delivers full-fledged, effective and solution-based consultancy for investing in Istanbul and Turkey about the below-mentioned areas:

  • Anti-dumping measures and practice,
  • Investment incentive regime in Turkey,
  • Customs clearances and procedures in Turkey,
  • Tax matters for investments,
  • Specific advantageous areas for foreign investment,
  • the acquisition of citizenship through investment in among others Turkey, European Union and United States,
  • Mergers and acquisitions in Turkey and European countries,
  • The establishment of a company or opening a branch of foreign company in Turkey,
  • drafting and negotiating distribution, franchise and agency agreements, intermediary agreements for selling or buying products or services inside and outside Turkey.


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