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    Investment Opportunities in Turkey

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    investment opportunuties in Turkey

    Investment Opportunities in Turkey

    Pi Legal Consultancy


    Overall, this article aims at highlighting growing investment opportunities in Turkey.  In doing so, this paper will also clarify the effort of Pi Legal Consultancy family to meet increasing enquiries made by foreign companies. 

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    Does Turkey offer a resilient business environment to investors? 

    It is necessary to make a reference to several advantages of setting up a business in Turkey:

    • rapidly increasing young population,
    • growing value of currency rates,
    • and thus decreasing production and labor costs.

    So far, Turkey has attracted the foreign direct investments around the globe. Particularly since the 2000s, total capital stock of Turkey has risen gradually. 

    Having said that fragmentation of regulatory framework and legal obligations focusing on investment impose reverse impact. Accordingly, it is critical to benefit from investment advice for a successful investment project in Turkey. 

    Do foreign investors have the same investment opportunities in Turkey as Turkish citizens? 

    Article 48 of the Turkish Constitution stipulates that everyone has the freedom to work and conclude contracts in the field of his/her choice and the establishment of private enterprises is free. Under Article 10 protecting the right to equality, there shall not be any limitations for foreign entrepreneurs in Turkey. Coupled with the provisions of the Constitution, Article 3 of the Foreign Direct Investment Law provides that foreign investors shall be subject to equal treatment with domestic investors.

    What is the most critical city to invest in Turkey? 

    Definitely Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is one of the most important destinations for all ongoing and future investment projects. The basic reason is that Ankara hosts leading competent national authorities. The organization and the provision of proper assistance by public institutions is of great importance in managing investment programs. Ankara law firms have a particular role upon providing legal guidance to entrepreneurs. 

    What makes Istanbul different for investment opportunities in Turkey?

    Undoubtedly, Istanbul is deemed as the most leading city in the facilitation of foreign investment projects. Hence, we should examine the special role of Istanbul city to manage and facilitate long-term business engagements.  From the geographical point of view, it has the main connection between Black Sea and the Marmara Sea. Istanbul is also among one of the developed cities owing to its modern infrastructure, roads and communication lines. 

    What is the role of Istanbul city for foreign investors? 

    In the light of the foregoing, foreign investors prefer to establish their start-ups projects in Istanbul at first stage in terms of their Turkey projects. Therefore, Istanbul is such an appealing city to not only employers but also employees. Indeed, Istanbul hosts numerous alien citizens living or working. The idea behind this inspiration lies in the fact that Istanbul plays a critical role in better and proper management of any investment project with its geographic, strategic, demographic and cultural importance. Most foreign companies open their main headquarters, namely their central offices in Istanbul.

    New Step from Pi Legal Consultancy Investment Working Group

    Despite the negative impacts of global financial turmoil in Turkey, Pi Legal Consultancy continues to grow its operations step by step. After a detailed overview of our client profiles, our service quality, satisfying nature of our articles and papers together with our marketing and branding efforts, we have been recently chosen by the London-based Prestige Awards Group as the international law firm of 2022/2023. Accordingly, bearing in mind growing interest and requests by foreign investors, Pi Legal Consultancy, as a Turkish law firm, has newly opened up a workplace based in Istanbul. In this way, Pi Legal Consultancy family takes its fundamental role for investors among international law firms in Istanbul. It is also inspiring that Pi Legal Consultancy is deemed as one of the best law firms in Turkey by international organizations.

    Pi Legal Consultancy Investment Advice Working Group, including investment advice team, develops strategies now more efficiently and more closely for entrepreneurs in the light of changing trends of the Turkish marketplace and investment laws and regulations in Istanbul. 


    In a nutshell, this article concentrates on analyzing the investment environment in Turkey. In doing so, this paper has also shed light on the significance of Istanbul’s role in designing the models of and the scope of foreign direct investments. Pi Legal Consultancy family is very glad to take an effective step by establishing a new office in Istanbul. Now Pi Legal Consultancy is more well prepared to offer legal and business guidance to entrepreneurs as an Istanbul law firm.

    Pi Legal Consultancy is a legal & business consulting international law firm in Turkey. We have four offices based in İstanbul, Ankara and Batman. We also enjoy solution partners and lawyers based in most European Countries, Canada and the United States. We offer legal consultancy and advocacy in key legal areas, among others, international trade, law of obligations, citizenship, healthcare, real estate, corporate governance, banking and finance. For more information about our work and all legal services, please visit our website and linkedin page Based on a detailed overview of our client profiles and our service quality together with our marketing and branding efforts, we have been recently chosen by the London-based Prestige Awards Group as the international law firm of 2022/2023. Currently, we provide legal and business consultancy to leading French, Canadian and Kuwait companies and the Ministry of Health of Kuwait. We have also created a great collaboration with the Embassy of Saudi Arabia.

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