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    Compensation is the provision for the loss arising from a transaction or action of a real person, legal entities, government/or government agencies. When it comes to the term “compensation law”, it means the calculation of such damage and its payment by the person or relevant institution who caused the damage in question.

    Compensation cases involve the evaluation and observation of various legal requirements provided by sub-branches of law including labor law, law of obligations, commercial law, criminal law, and -where the damage is caused by an administrative act or action-, administrative law. Therefore, the legal application for compensation before relevant authorities, including judicial institutions, is really complex and a hard job.

    Pi Legal Consultancy provides comprehensive guidance to international and domestic clients for the proper administration of compensation proceedings at every single stage. Our Consultation may extend to a wide variety of legal matters, particularly following areas:

    • Compensation disputes due to the lack of support,
    • Lawsuits for the loss resulting from administrative actions,
    • Compensation cases due to occupational accidents,
    • Strict liability regime in the law of obligations,
    • Medical malpractice litigation,
    • Compensation lawsuits from criminal law.

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