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A full-fledged legal assistance by a competition lawyer is necessary for particularly unfair competition law in Turkey. Indeed, unfair competition law is considered quite complex and confusing in Turkey. Investors should be aware of legal guarantees and relevant norms applicable in Turkey.

Is Doing Business in Turkey for and Beyond 2023 Safe?

Because of growing rates of foreign currencies, ever increasing youth population and serious advantages by government, Turkey is considered one of the most popular countries. Indeed, Turkish business markets offer a business-oriented environment. What is more, several Turkish companies are interested in growing their business and extending their investments inside or outside the country.

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What is the Turkish Competition Law?

Competition law is used to refer to a set of rules intended to guarantee a proper competition for companies.  Well-designed competition law instruments may play a central role in the promotion of consumer welfare and economic growth. Competition law aims at preventing by imposing sanctions on anti-competitive and unfair competition instruments for free market. However, it is striking to emphasize that the understanding and implementation of competition law norms is a hard area to understand for even competition lawyers.

What Is Meant by Unfair Competition in Turkey?

“Unfair competition” implies illegal and fraud-centric activities affecting both consumers and investors. Unfair competition practices are misused for gaining unfair advantage for free markets.

What Are 3 Unfair Competition Examples?

Even though there are a wide range of examples of unfair advantage, there are three main types with regard to unfair competition law in Istanbul and Turkey:

  • trademark violation,
  • product disparagement,
  • violation of trade secrets and data privacy

What Is the Significance of Competition Consultancy?

Benefiting consultancy by competition lawyers plays an effective role in taking preventive actions for unfair competition in the field. Understanding relevant underlying principles and challenging aspects through a competition consultancy is very useful for competitors, customers, chain market representatives and dealers.

Who Are Competition Authorities?

Turkish Competition Authority is responsible for the enforcement of competition regulations in Turkey.  The Supreme Authority for Competition takes three main activities to facilitate and protect fair competition:

  • Monitoring, regulating and supervising markets to prevent agreements restricting competition,
  • The promotion of competition culture,
  • Making research related to competition law, economy and policy with a view to develop policies and to contribute to macroeconomic policies with respect to competition law.

What Is the Role of Pi Legal Consultancy Competition Lawyers?

Our Istanbul competition lawyers and Ankara competition working group provide legal assistance in a wide variety of commercial ventures such as mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, abuse of dominant position, horizontal and vertical agreements. Our support also contains, inter alia, distributorship, licensing, franchising, toll manufacturing. We also give additional guidance on the disputes arising from the monitoring work of the Competition Authority. The Authority aims at the prevention of cartelization and monopolization, the increase in consumer welfare, the contribution to the well-functioning of market mechanisms and the improvement of international competition in Turkey. Our lawyers have extensive experience for a genuine representation of our clients before all national judicial institutions including the Council of State.

Pi Legal Consultancy enjoys a robust team having in depth knowledge of national and international legal framework including European Union competition norms. In this context, we closely observe and advise our clients on the practice of international organizations including the European Court of Justice. Therefore, our competition law specialists give comprehensive assistance and additional legal services to local and multinational clients.

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