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Intellectual Property Consultancy

Intellectual property consultancy is seen very beneficial for the development of intellectual property material in Turkey. Strategic advice and expert services should be a significant part of intellectual property consultancy.


Intellectual property consultancy consists of cutting-edge evaluation, strategic legal guidance, embracing investigations to avoid risky situations and to protect the intellectual property rights.

What do you mean by intellectual property?

In general, intellectual property (IP) is used to mean a new invention or artistic work together with a trademark. We can categorize intellectual property rights as two core areas:

  • firstly copyright and rights related to copyright,
  • secondly industrial property.

More specifically, there has been a growing agreement that Intellectual property rights cover the trademark, design, utility model and patent rights.

An embracing intellectual property consultancy may pave the way for expanding your intellectual property portfolio and trademark power.

What is the meaning of intellectual property law?

Intellectual property law implies law-based principles, benchmarks and rules to promote the rights of the creators and owners of inventions. It is not easy to understand, absorb and implement properly the norms, formulated by the intellectual property code without an adequate intellectual property consultancy.

What is core legislation for intellectual property rights in Turkey?

The Industrial Property Code (Numbered 6769) was enacted by Turkey in 2016. The Code entered into force on 10 January 2017. Above all, the main intention of this Code is to promote the rights relating to trademark, geographical signs, design, patent, utility model and traditional product names and thus to contribute to technological, economic and social progress.

What is the copyright law in Turkey?

There is no doubt that copyright is genuinely protected in Turkey. Indeed, copyright law rules are articulated by the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works (Numbered 5846). Several amendments were made for the revision of the Law. A comprehensive intellectual property consultancy is needed to benefit from the guarantees, set down in the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works (Numbered 5846).

What is the importance of intellectual property consultancy by patent and trademark attorneys?

Every intellectual property lawyer and patent attorneys performs a hard task in Turkey. Trademark lawyers should provide effective consultancy in the field of intellectual and industrial property including trademark, copyright, industrial design, trade secrets and patent.

Intellectual property consultancy should aim at guaranteeing the rights for

  • Copyright and rights related to copyright,
  • Industrial property rights such as trademark, geographical indications, design, patent, utility model and traditional product names.

What is the role of Pi Legal Consultancy for intellectual property consultancy?


Pi Legal Consultancy patent attorneys have an extensive and detailed knowledge of the rights concerned and their protection within the framework of domestic and international legal instruments among others the European Convention on Human Rights.

What is the European Convention on Human Rights?

ECHR was produced and signed by the members of the Council of Europe. The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, entered into force on 3 September 1953. The Convention has been better known as the European Convention on Human Rights. The text of the Convention was formulated and accepted under the framework of the Council of Europe.

For more discussion about the European Convention on Human Rights Regime, take a look at our article on The Implementation Mechanism of the European Convention on Human Rights


Our intellectual property consultancy also offers legal solutions to its clients in the preparation of agreements on transfer, license and assignment, the implementation of settlement negotiations and compulsory mediation negotiations. Intellectual property consultancy by Pi Legal Consultancy is found very helpful by clients for the full protection of their bands.

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