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    Marrying in Turkey

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    marrying in Turkey

    Marrying in Turkey

    Marrying in Turkey might be a dream for most foreigners because a number of Turkish cities including Istanbul are regarded as one of the most attractive cities in the world.  This article will give a brief outline of  marrying a foreigner or a foreign couple in Turkey.

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    Can foreigners marry in Turkey?

    It is of course possible to marry a Turkish national or a foreigner in Turkey under the Turkish legal framework. It is very easy but there are a number of procedural legal requirements.

    Where to get married in Turkey?

    There are two possibilities for aliens. Two foreigners enjoying the same nationality may marry in Turkey in two places: in the offices of their own states’ embassy or consulate, or in the Turkish Marriage Offices run by local municipalities. Generally speaking,the Municipality (Belediye) is the only competent national authority for marriage ceremonies.

    What do you need to marry in Turkey?

    A number of documents should be made ready for any marriage application in Turkey. Among others, following paperwork should be submitted:

    -Identity card

    -Registration certificate

    – Passport photos, not older than 6 months

    -Health certificate, issued by a state hospital in Turkey

    International certificate of no impediment to marriage, issued by the local registry office in the country of the foreign partner,

    -Documents proving that partners are not already married at the moment.

    In the absence of the aforementioned paperwork, Turkish authorities have an authority not to carry out the marriage process. Particularly the last one carries high importance. The basic reason is that polygamy is not allowed by Turkish legal framework. A second marriage cannot be seen valid unless the first one is terminated. Candidates must be single, divorced, or widow.

    Conclusion: Is it easy to get married in Turkey?

    Getting married in Turkey seems like a very easy thing to do. Though, there are many things to take into consideration. A wide range of legal papers are needed to complete the process. The process is not very complicated but has some steps that need to be followed. The most important thing is to understand the procedure and to complete it on time.This article concludes that the process is not very complex but you should meet relevant conditions step by step on time. A full-fledged legal consultation is thus suggestable. 

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