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    Pi Legal Consultancy Network Imroves

    Pi Legal Consultancy family is more than welcome to establish a long-term partnership with  the LegalDenmark, one of the most prestigious law firms based in Denmark. Many thanks to Mr. Nayeemoddin Khaja and his brilliant colleagues for their very valuable effort.

    Pi Legal Consultancy is a legal & business consulting international law firm in Turkey. We have four offices based in İstanbul, Ankara and Batman. We also enjoy solution partners and lawyers based in most European Countries, Canada and the United States. We offer legal consultancy and advocacy in key legal areas, among others, international trade, law of obligations, citizenship, healthcare, real estate, corporate governance, banking and finance. For more information about our work and all legal services, please visit our website and linkedin page Based on a detailed overview of our client profiles and our service quality together with our marketing and branding efforts, we have been recently chosen by the London-based Prestige Awards Group as the international law firm of 2022/2023. Currently, we provide legal and business consultancy to leading French, Canadian and Kuwait companies and the Ministry of Health of Kuwait. We have also created a great collaboration with the Embassy of Saudi Arabia.

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