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    According to internationally recognized principles, citizenship may be acquired at birth or through naturalization subsequent to birth. A citizen is considered to enjoy various rights from one side and also responsibilities on the other, as a member of a nation or community. The matter of citizenship may turn into a complex dispute beyond national borders by presenting a challenge between nations rather than individuals.

    According to the Turkish legal citizenship law regime, foreign investors (briefly with a certain legal income, over 18, without criminal record and not without a contagious disease (an obstacle in respect of public health) are granted an opportunity to acquire citizenship.

    Pi Legal Consultancy, delivers reliable and comprehensive strategic advice on overcoming complicated citizenship matters including such as;

    • Application for citizenship certificate and acquisition and/or renunciation of citizenship,
    • Replacement of naturalization/citizenship document,
    • Dual nationality issues,
    • Deprivation of citizenship and/or cancellation of citizenship certificate,
    • Work permit and residence permit,
    • Exceptional citizenship,
    • Acquisition of Turkish citizenship by investment,
    • Home purchase in the USA and its potential outcome particularly for residence permit.

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