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Capital Markets Consultancy

Capital markets consultancy is fundamental to obtain chance of success about any investment on capital markets. The term “Capital Markets” is used to refer to financial markets bringing buyers and sellers together for a fair trade on stocks, currencies and any other financial assets. Capital markets covers financial markets including bond and stock markets.

What is Capital Markets Consultancy?

The main purpose of Capital Markets Law is to regulate and control the secure, fair and orderly functioning of the capital markets and to protect the rights and benefits of the investors in Turkey. Changing capital markets remains a global challenge for every single country. The Turkish capital market legal regime is far beyond simple and thus requires an effective capital markets consultation. Capital markets consultancy will pave the way for success rate of your capital investments.

What Is the Role of Capital Markets Consultancy?

Capital markets consulting firms is of great importance in producing embracing strategies for the compliance of capital markets activities with regulatory framework. Capital markets consulting firms should employ qualified professionals in the field.

Our capital markets consultancy group is composed of full-fledged and skilled business lawyers giving pragmatic and legal advice to our clients on capital markets law and existing and developing markets instruments. Our capital markets consultancy team also assists clients on a wide range of matters.

What Are Main Authorities for Capital Markets in Turkey?

Capital Markets Board of Turkey is the main regulatory and supervisory authority for the field. The Board indicates its mandates as follows:

  • enhancement of investor protection,
  • adoption the norms of the international capital markets,
  • promotion and enhancement of the effectiveness of both the supply and the demand side of the markets,
  • promotion of transparency and fairness in the capital markets,
  • facilitation of modernisation of the market structure,
  • enhancement of the infrastructure of the capital markets.

Capital Markets litigation based on the judgments of the Council of State is another aspect of our extensive experience. Within the context of the right to property, our legal specialists provide national and multinational corporations with day-to-day information on the practice of international organizations including the European Court of Human Rights.

What Is the Role of a Capital Markets Advisor?

Capital markets consultancy delivers a comprehensive guidance for complex and critical business issues including mergers and acquisitions. It is notable that the issue of mergers and acquisitions has been one of core areas of commercial law. Generally speaking, merger and acquisition refers to the consolidation of companies or entities through various types of financial transactions. It is mainly known or considered as “company marriages”.

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Financial analyses of the companies has been another matter of discussion within the context of capital markets investments. Financial analysis requires collection of data from open, accessible, legal and credible resources. Furthermore, every action about the data collection process must be compatible with Turkish intellectual property regulations. In this context, the principles and standards enumerated in the Industrial Property Code (Numbered 6769) must not be violated. Thirdly, any information or data about a business sector or a certain company requires a full-fledged analysis.

What Is the Role of Pi Legal Consultancy for Capital Markets Consultancy?

Pi Legal Consultancy capital markets consultants support inter alia, as follows:

  • Initial and issued capital,
  • Structured finance,
  • Mergers and acquisitions,
  • Real estate and regular investment trusts,
  • Initial Public Offerings Procedures and Transactions,
  • Issue and sale of capital market instruments,
  • Call for public offer with a view to purchasing capital market instruments and any sale,
  • Publicly held corporation,
  • The establishment of more transparent, resilient, competitive capital markets regime,
  • Publication of the prospectus, announcement and advertisements.

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