Energy and Mining

Energy and Mining

Energy and mining represent one of the hardest areas of work for energy lawyers and mining lawyers and businessmen in Turkey. Turkish legal framework on energy and mining is continuously revised, changed and reformed over the years.

What is energy and mining law in Turkey?

In accordance with the Turkish Constitution, the State exercises full authority upon exploration and exploitation of natural resources. Article 3 of the Turkish Petroleum Law (Numbered 6491) reiterates the same principle. According to Article 168 of the Turkish Constitution, natural wealth and resources shall be under the authority and at the disposal of the State.

Energy law aims at governing the production and use of energy, both renewable and non-renewable. More broadly, energy law is a branch of law regulating a wide variety of subjects including the production, transmission, trade, storage, use of energy resources and taxation of all these transactions.

What is the national energy and mining policy of Turkey?

It is significant to observe that Turkey becomes one of the fastest growing energy markets over the world.  Indeed, the energy supply and demand increase very fast in Turkey. Turkish policy for energy and mining is intended to boost exploration and production of main energy sources including oil and gas. Turkish policy makers also aim at reducing energy consumption based on austerity measures.

What are the main legal instruments to oil exploration licenses and exploratory drilling activities in Turkey? 

There are two basic opportunities for oil exploration and related activities in Turkey: first, the acquisition of a license from the General Directorate of Mining and Petroleum Affairs (Ministry of Energy); second, working as a subcontractor within the framework of the state-owned Turkish Petroleum Corporation. It is very useful to keep in mind at the outset that both options require long-lasting legal procedures and very powerful political power.

License or tender procedures for oil-based activities including oil exploration activities in Turkey are performed on the basis of an application to the General Directorate of Mining and Petroleum Affairs and TPAO. Under Article 6 of the Turkish Petroleum Law, an exploration license is issued with the aim of performing exploration activities within the land that the exploration license covers, undertaking investigations around the land covered by the exploration license, developing the land where petroleum is found and to produce petroleum in this land and making an application of exploration.

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What is the role of energy and mining consultancy?

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A law-centric mining consultancy and energy consultancy can have a crucial impact upon all energy and mining investments.

What is the significance of energy lawyers in Turkey?

Pi Legal Consultancy energy and mining lawyers provides a mining consultancy and energy-based advice to our clients particularly engaging in mineral exploration, extraction and production, infrastructure, power generation, pipeline and similar projects for mining.

We have Turkish renewable energy lawyers in Istanbul and energy and mining consultants in Ankara to overcome every single legal procedure on time and in an appropriate manner. Legal support offered by our law specialists contains, among others, following subjects together with all their legal requirements:

  • Renewable energy generation, transmission and distribution,
  • Power generation, operation and control,
  • Mineral exploration and extraction together with their licence,
  • Measures and actions taken by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority,
  • Taxation issues,
  • Nationalisation, privatization and build-operate-transfer projects.


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