remote work challenges

The Five Biggest Remote Work Challenges

The five biggest remote work challenges will be outlined in this paper. Particularly it is important to understand that such problems require a targeted and comprehensive legal consultation.

Remote Work Challenges

Generally employers are reluctant to take a positive action in favor of teleworkers for the below-mentioned remote work challenges:

  1. Increasing Isolation and Stress: Continuing instructions of employers outside of working hours and during social life and human interactions of teleworkers,
  2. Inappropriate Workspace Conditions: Especially, unwillingness of bosses to provide necessary tools and equipment for employees,
  3. Work-Related Expenses: Reluctance of employers to reimburse remote working expenses,
  4. The Violation of the Right to Privacy and the Right to Health: Ignorance of necessary steps in the protection of personal data and occupational health and safety,
  5. Weak or Lack Of Insurance Policies: The weakness of insurance policies or the lack of insurance policies regarding occupational safety and health troubles.


To sum up, remote working is popular and useful in many industries. However, there are still many challenges that remote workers face. This paper strongly recommends that remote workers are aware of international human rights and principles. International norms and standards are articulated and guaranteed by international organizations such as the European Court of Human Rights, the United Nations World Health Organization and  the International Labour Organization. Hence, extensive legal consultation and guidance will be also very instrumental in competing potential legal challenges, disputes and cases on the way forward.

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