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    Taking into account the strengthening rates of foreing currencies including Euro and Dollars, Turkey is becoming a more popular investment area for alien investors. Turkish markets offer a business-oriented environment together with low employment and facility costs.  Besides, several Turkish companies are interested in growing their business and extending their investments inside or outside the country. Our legal and investment consultancy team provides comprehensive guidance and strategic investment advice to both foreing investors for Turkish markets or Turkish investors for international markets. In this context, Pi Legal Consultancy delivers full-fledged, effective and solution-based consultancy for the below-mentioned areas:

    • anti-dumping measures and practice,
    • investment incentive regime in Turkey,
    •  customs clearances and procedures in Turkey,
    • tax matters for investments,
    • specific advantageous areas for foreign investment,
    • the Acquisition of citizenship through investment in among others Turkey, European Union and United States,
    • mergers and acquisitions in Turkey and European countries
    • the establishment of a new company or opening a branch of foreign company in Turkey.

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