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    Healthcare issues represent one of the challenging areas of law particularly for every single healthcare lawyer.

    Domestic legal framework contains leading rules that structure what relevant companies should do, and what they may not do for the safety of pharmaceutical drugs and their usage. As for the Health Law, it contains binding rules that govern the rights and responsibilities of medical staff, health workers, medical companies and the people using medical facilities and services. It is clear that the matter of malpractice is still the main challenging issue for every single member of the  healthcare system.

    Laws regulating healthcare system need an extensive consultation for every single stage of the concerned legal process. Pi Legal Consultancy, therefore, provides effective legal assistance in all relevant branches such as;

    • Licencing and permission process for pharmaceutical companies,
    • Clinical research and its legal borders,
    • Patents and trademarks of drugs and medical supplies,
    • Responsibilities and rights of health personnel, clinical researchers and pharmacists.

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